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Leading offenders to a brighter future through job training and realistic work experiences. 

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Changing offender trajectory.


Realistic work environments

We give offenders real opportunities to get the experience of working in real life conditions, similar to what they will encounter when they leave the system and enter society.

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Transition and sustainability

To find life long sustainability, it takes more than a job. We prepare our offender-employees for life on the outside by giving them the support system to succeed.

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Soft skill development

For most employers, they value soft skills as much as they value technical skill training. We don’t allow a lack of this development to reduce their opportunities for success.

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Skill training and job staffing

We value this training because it provides offenders the opportunity to have lifetime marketability, and the skills necessary to compete in today’s market.

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A brighter tomorrow.

We exist to give MPIC employees the opportunity to find new life after prison. Our goal is simple - to prepare each offender for a brighter tomorrow.


Annual Report

Dedicated to change.

At MPIC, we don’t just talk about the mission. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every offender has the best preparation and support so they never find themselves back in the system.

Review the annual report to find out how MPIC is changing the trajectory of offenders across the State of Mississippi.